Things We Don’t Do Anymore Because of Technology

Things We Don’t Do Anymore Because of Technology

This post should have started with some ornamental statements on how technology has changed our life but let’s skip that for a flash . Such growth of technology also means we've stopped doing many things we wont to do — often as a neighborhood of lifestyle . While a number of these developments are good, some aren't such a lot . during this article, we'll take a glance at specific things that we don’t do anymore due to technology. this is often not a critique but a perspective on how technology has changed us permanently — or bad.

1 Memorizing Things

While it’s true that the human mind can memorize tons of things, most of the people don’t use that power during this point . If you ask, we'll means those many services that make your information available across devices and places. Be it phone numbers, passwords, addresses, or some emergency data — everything finds its place in digital note-taking services and password managers. We are sure many of you'd tremble if you're asked to write down down quite one among your passwords. So, one among the items that we definitely don’t do is memorizing things.

2 Using Clocks

Do you remember those times when a wall-mounted clock was one among the various things that made home seem real? Well, not only is it past, most of today’s kids won’t even understand that thing. within the past few years, most folks have stopped placing wall-mounted clocks in our home, including use them for knowing the present time. It’s no wonder either, considering that the majority of the digital devices show time. Things turn even more impressive if you've got something sort of a smartwatch or a digital assistant like Google Home or Siri reception .

3 Purchasing DVDs and Blu-Rays

We can’t say this is often entirely obsolete, but it’s one among those things that technology has changed. In today’s world of Netflix and Disney+, not many of us purchase CDs and DVDs or make a set reception . There was a time once you had to rent CDs and DVDs once you wanted to observe a movie or hear your favorite music tracks. But, because of services like Netflix, Spotify, and Apple Music, we don’t need to do this . Almost every track within the world is out there through the web , even within the highest quality. within the years to return , CDs and DVDs may become a thing of memory only.

4 Asking People for Reviews

If you're sufficiently old , you'd know the tiresome process of rambling before purchasing something new and innovative. the sole option was asking around, among your friends, or within the neighborhood. Well, because it happens, this is often also something we've stopped doing within the past few years, because of the assistance of online reviews. Websites, including but not limited to Amazon, became an excellent platform to see out product reviews before actually purchasing them. And, of course, YouTube reviews also make things easier for many people out there.

5 Write Things

Okay, copy a touch if you think that this is often a touch of stretch. one among the items that technology has made us almost forget is that the real feel of writing down things. once you believe it, we do most of our writings within the digital form, right? in fact , there are benefits to the present . as an example , if you're an essay writer or a student, you are doing have better convenience and editability. That said, don’t be surprised if we've an upcoming generation that approaches writing with a pen as something alien and obsolete. Often, some kids are losing some extra feels, though.

6 Carrying around Multiple Devices

Even ten years back, you'd have had to hold around multiple devices like camera, watch, music players, etc. while going around, right? But, because of the expansion in smartphone technology, you don’t need to roll in the hay anymore. Nowadays, we've smartphones that fulfill the duty of ten to twenty devices, be it a watch, music player, a fully-fledged camera, pager, and tons more. This was made possible with the advancement within the world of tech and portable development. And, now, we are talking about wearable devices which will replace fully-fledged smartphones.

7 Standing in Queues

Queues are still a part of our lifestyle, but most of the time, we don’t have the difficulty of standing in queues. the expansion of technology has made this thing possible, especially when it involves reserving things. When it involves booking movie tickets and reserving tables in restaurants, we don't need to consider queues in these times. an equivalent are often said within the case of ordering food online also . rather than getting to the place and getting the food by yourself, you'll now believe the likes of Postmates and Uber Eats. If this stuff haven't changed our lives permanently , we don’t know what they need .

The Conclusion

When you believe it, there are more things too. as an example , you'll now enjoy education albeit you're thousands of miles faraway from your university. Similarly, we will soon befriend folks that we'd not meet within the entire lifetime. As we said, permanently or bad, technology has made us stop doing several things.

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