The Technology Behind WiFi

The Technology Behind WiFi

The internet has been liable for an explosion in communication capabilities and has connected people across the world for quite 20 years . In fact, it's now virtually impossible to imagine life without it, given what proportion it's relied upon for various purposes.

As fascinating because the internet is, the technology which facilitates internet connections is as intriguing. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is undoubtedly the foremost popular means of connecting to the web , so here may be a check out the technology behind this innovation.

What is Wi-Fi?

In the youth of the web , most of the people had to attach using dial-up, which was both slow and sometimes got stop when a landline phone was used simultaneously. Wi-Fi has been an enormous breakthrough in terms of connecting to the web , because it facilitates quick, quick access and also allows multiple devices to attach directly , without interrupting the connection.

As the name wireless local area network (usually abbreviated to Wi-Fi) would suggest, it connects devices to the web without the utilization of wires, making it incredibly convenient and accessible from a reasonably long range.


The router is where all the most technology lies. this is often usually connected to a computer also as a phone socket, making use of an coaxial cable (which are often found at a supplier like RS Components) also as an influence cable and modem.

The main responsibility of a router is to decode the radio signals sent by the wireless adapter, which are then converted to data and sent to the web . The router also receives data from the web and converts it to a radio wave which is then sent to the wireless adapter.


It is worth noting that the majority routers (or a minimum of dual-band routers) operate two radio frequencies, which are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. this enables multiple devices to attach using the various frequencies without interfering with one another .

The radio waves themselves are usually sent and received using an antenna which is a component of the router. it's also worth noting that the router is additionally largely liable for the computer’s firewall, working in conjunction with the system to make sure the connection to the web is safe.

Wi-Fi will likely still be the foremost popular thanks to hook up with the web for years to return . With technology continually improving and internet speeds increasing, it'll be exciting to ascertain how it develops over subsequent few years.

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