Automatic profile switching now live in Edge Stable channel

Automatic profile switching now live in Edge Stable channel

Microsoft Edge automatic profile switching has finally come to the Stable channel. The Chromium-based browser has been gradually receiving enhancements that make it more user-friendly and secure ever since it launched on January 15 this year.

As the evolution of Edge continues, Microsoft Build 2020 revealed an entire bunch of latest features coming to or already available within the browser. These include tracking prevention, Collections and Pinterest integration, and a number of DevTools enhancements.

What is Edge automatic profile switching?

If you employ multiple profiles in Edge, like personal and business, you'll want to avoid mixing up data related to either of them. Automatic profile switching enables you to try to to that, says Microsoft.

The feature comes in handy when, from your personal profile, you plan to access a politician website that needs authentication. With the newest update, Edge detects that issue and prompts you to vary to your business or work profile.

Once you've got picked the acceptable work profile, the portal or site you're trying to access opens in it. during this case, authentication is automatic.

Automatic Profile Switching is now available to assist you get to your work content more easily across profiles. If you employ multiple profiles at work, you'll check it out by navigating to a site requiring authentication from your work or school account while on your personal profile. once we detect this, you'll receive a prompt to modify to your work profile to access that site without having to authenticate thereto .

Other Microsoft Edge updates

The updates now sleep in the sting Stable channel include drag and drop for the Collections feature. Also, the power to sync extensions across multiple devices has been introduced.

Additionally, you'll notice Immersive Reader and Microsoft Defender SmartScreen enhancements in your updated Edge.

Microsoft isn't pushing of these features directly though. the corporate doesn't wish to overwhelm Edge users with plenty of updates.

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